Help me understand your terms and meanings words…

Package: A listing you have for sale. Usually it is a few HIGH RES images, and an interview that a publisher can use.

Vendor: That would be any user on our website that is listing a package for sale

Talent: That would be any user on our website that is listing a package for sale

Publisher: That is any user on the website that we have screened for legitimacy and follows our publisher guidelines. These are the buyers of your content.

FAQ Publishers and Publications

We do not set the price or dictate to the Talent what they set as the price per package. We are just the platform for connection. There are multiple Publisher levels, the basic is free. This level allows you access to the site and ability to buy anything you want excluding Adult areas and content. We do have paid memberships that allow you discounts on content packages as well as access to the Adult sections. When you have a Publishers Membership, you can also receive alerts when one of your favorite Talent providers uploads a new image package. This is key to helping you obtain the package before anyone else.

Being a publisher means that you are legitimately have the intent to publish the content.  You run or manage a website, magazine, or some sort of platform that will give the Talent exposure and credits. 

We have a set of rules that must be followed. Any mis-use or violation of rules may result in a termination of your account, and possible legal action from the Talent. Please note our rule regarding the adult industry, pornography, dating sites & platforms and adult related products, materials, ads and content; consolidated and known as the “Adult Industry”. When you purchase content, you may not use it in the “Adult industry” in any form. Including using the content sites, platforms, mediums, or connected to in a any way to the “Adult Industry”. This includes pornography, dating sites or anything advertising or connected to adult material or products without the consent of the Talent. Content that has consent will be marked as “Adult Industry Allowed”. Please respect the wishes of the Talent. Content and images that have consent, have been labeled so by the talent. Any mis-use of content may result in direct legal action and a suspension or cancellation of your publishing membership.

There are a few types of licenses when purchasing the content. Please refer to the Knowledge and Info page for license details. Each package governed to the license chosen for it by the Talent.

FAQ Talent, Vendors, Models, Photographers...

Since this is always the first question, we wanted to address it right from the start. There is no charge or cost for you to list your images, interviews, or packages to sell. Modeling Market does take a small commission when a product is sold. The Commission amount depends on you and your membership level. The standard is 90%/10% split. You are paid 90% of your listing price.

You can sell your packages at any price you feel is appropriate. However we recommend keeping your cost in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars. Create multiple packages, some with more pictures and content then others, and keep your price range wide. We recommend having 4 packages, one at each price point: $50, $100, $150, $300. So in all you will have 4 packages listed. This will help you get seen on a wide range of searches when publishers are filtering.

When a publisher buys a package, you are immediately notified about the sale. We Process the publisher’s credit card, verify the funds are true, then send the money on to you. You will receive payment via a STRIPE, PAYPAL, OR DIRECT WIRE account. You will receive payment within 15 to 20 days of the sale. YES YOU WILL NEED A STRIPE, PAYPAL or BANK ACCOUNT. don’t worry, we have a video for you to watch on how to set up your accounts to receive payments in our Knowledge and Info Section. Don’t worry, it is very very very very very easy and does not cost you anything.
Also, once a package is purchased it, is automatically removed from public view so it cannot be purchased again.

We set all packages to a quantity limit of 1. This is because publishers prefer you give them at least 3 to 6 months of using the content before you let someone else use it. There are however 2 types of packages that you can list.

If you re-use content, the publisher will know and will probably never use you again for content in the future, you may also receive a bad review which will cause other publishers to not want to work with you. Use your brain, be fair and keep Publishers happy.

1. License to Use – this package maintains that you as the vendor maintain the ownership of the content, however you have granted the publisher full rights to use the content in the manner they see fit.

2. Full Ownership – You as the Vendor no longer own the content, the content is fully owned by the Publisher.

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