Terms And Conditions:

  1. You agree to be solely, fully and totally liable for all images and content you list on ModelingMarket.com
  2. You as a user and vendor of ModelingMarket.com will provide High-Res Photos to the purchaser of your images and products via the download system provided when adding a product, package, image or content.
  3. You will not falsely represent the contents of the product, package, images, or content. Any damages or liability to falsely represented product, package, images, or content is solely, fully and totally upon you as the vendor.
  4. You will not go after or hold ModelingMarket.com Mad Hat Media LLC or any of its partner, business relationships or purchasers liable for any damages, mis-use of images or content, or legal liabilities, you as the vendor may incur.
  5. You give ModelingMarket.com and Mad Hat Media LLC full approval with no limitations or terms to freely publicize or use any uploaded content and images to ModelingMarket.com on ModelingMarket.com, its social media accounts, affiliated accounts and/or partners; and give permission for it to be used for any purposes to encourage the growth and success of Modelingmarket.com
  6. You agree that ModelingMarket.com may retain a commission for each sale and is dictated by the Commissions Payment Chart; which may change from time to time.
  7. You agree that any content sold with an “exclusive license” will not be re-sold or re-used for any reason. If any damages or legal ramifications happen due to the Vendors breach of this license, the Vendor is solely and wholly responsible if they are found to be connected in any way to the source of the breach.
  8. You will only list Adult sensitive material or content in the Adult category
  9. Any content may be removed by website moderators at any time for any reason.
  10. These terms maybe updated at any time. Once updated any continued use of the site binds the Vendor to the agreement.
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